Monday, April 20, 2015

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For a word from our class president - Brad Campbell:

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Posted by MHS Class of 80 Reunion (Meridian, Idaho) on Thursday, April 16, 2015

It's about...TIME

We worry about the choices we've made and how other's might perceive us. We fear that, if we run into someone from our past, they might look younger than us or have more successful lives than we do - some do, some don't. That anxiety darkens our outlook. We become lost in that darkness of self doubt, regret, and self-judgement. Many tend to do the opposite of what will dispel that darkness - they disconnect and isolate. It becomes a depressing cycle. The truth will set you free! Come out of your comfort zone. These beautiful souls that we grew up with ALL have stories of regret, embarrassment, and failure. They also stories of gratitude, pride and joy....just like you. Nothing lightens a burden of heavy memories quite like hearing one of your peers say, "I know what you mean...that happened to me, too." or "You think THAT was bad? Listen to THIS!..."

Does any of this resonate with you? Isn't it about time to do something different? You can be anything you want at any time... This year I invite you to be bold and you can start by coming out, connecting with your classmates, sharing your story and listening to ours. I know you have always wanted to and's time.

"Don't you think it's about time?" - Eugene Boyle

Posted by MHS Class of 80 Reunion (Meridian, Idaho) on Monday, April 20, 2015

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

SAVE THE DATE: JULY 25th, 2015

Tonight's meeting at Mickey Rays Bar-B-Q in Boise was both productive and FUN! Our host from Mickey Ray's was Ryan who provided us with samples of most of their menu family style. I can verify that it was delicious!

Attending was Brad Campbell, Janice McGehee, Eddie Godsey, Lori Larrondo Harris, Roger Smith and his wife Bridget (and her sister Jennifer Malone), J. Dana Cowan, and of course yours truly (Eugene Boyle) and my wife, Dori Lee Boyle.

Much business was discussed:

1. Firm date of July 25th, 2015, a Saturday (time and place still TBD)
2. Open to all classes before and after ours and to all who attended MHS for any amount of time regardless of whether they graduated with us or not.
3. Dress and atmosphere is to be casual.
4. Possible No Host Social the night before (Friday) at a location TBD.
5. Research regarding venues and activities is ongoing and final information will be submitted to Brad Campbell NLT than Monday, April 19th. Brad will email the rest of the committee with results and then set a date for our next meeting (location TBD, but possibly The Reef / Downtown Boise 6th and Main).
6. Food for the meeting was provided by Mickey Ray's as a sample of possible catering options.
7. We discussed ways and means of reaching out to the greatest number of classmates and helping them overcome any objections or obstacles that might hinder them from attending. We agreed that at this late date, social media was probably the best bet.
8. We talked briefly about classmates we have lost since the 30 year reunion.
9. We had everyone in attendance talk about aspects of our class and the upcoming reunion on film to be uploaded and shared my yours truly (Eugene Boyle)

A feeling of optimism and joy seemed to be shared by everyone as the night adjourned.

We are hoping for your support and input on our facebook page:
and on our website:

More than that we hope to see as many of your bright shining faces on the weekend of July 25th as possible.

It is agreed this is not a major reunion and don't expect the numbers that we had at our 30th; however, we are looking forward to seeing some faces we didn't see in 2010 and we are counting on seeing a number of those we did.

Warriors! Come Out and Play!


Eugene Boyle

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