35 Year Reunion - Events and Prices

MHS Class of 80 35 Year Reunion!

Events and Price List

Celebrating 35 years of post high school bliss!
Yes, it's already been 5 years since the big 30 year blowout. It's still 5 years until our next BIG reunion - the 40th. This is the perfect opportunity to reconnect (or 1st time connect) with the people you loved, hated or were indifferent to back in the day. You might be surprised how much more we have in common as a group as we age together. Aches, pains, grand kids, heartbreaks, success, divorces, new love, old flames, wrinkles, weight gain, new insights, new wrinkles and hopefully - wisdom. At the very least.....acceptance. We must all, eventually, come to accept that we might have less years in front of us as we do behind. The MHS Reunion Committee (which includes you and everyone who ever went to Meridian High School, ever - even for a day) invites you to step through your anxieties, hair loss, financial fiascoes and remembered  hurts and slights and join your your former classmates and fellow half-centurions in celebrating another half decade above ground and still striving to love and be loved:

Here are the event descriptions:

Dinner:  Meridian High School Class of 1980 ....come join your fellow classmates for an evening reconnecting and getting to know old friends again and making new ones.  Please come join us......

Saturday, July 25th 6-10 PM / Idaho Party Barn: 1345 W. Overland Rd., Meridian
Dinner by Mickey Ray's BBQ w/no host bar $45/person after July 1.  Dinner registration closes July 22.
Dinner includes: Chicken, Burnt Ends, Mickey Ray's Potatoes, Green Salad, and Hush Puppies

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