Friday, July 10, 2009

Current Class List

Gathering together an updated and useful list of our class mates along with their contact information is a daunting challenge to say the least. Brad Campbell provided a list with 643 names. You will probably recall we were the largest graduating class in Idaho in 1980.

Today we have available free and easy to use technology to assist in our quest to reconnect with each and everyone of our classmates and to provide them with updates, information, and the opportunity to help with our reunion planning process and most importantly to attend our Thirty Year Reunion in person or at least in spirit. In spirit? Yes, as disappointing as it may be, some of us may not be able to attend the reunion for a number of reasons: other obligations, finances, distance, etc. If you think that you may not attend, we still invite you to connect with us and contribute to the planning, fund raising, and brainstorming. We are looking into creating a yearbook, multimedia slideshow DVD and perhaps even a 'livestream' over the internet for those of you who are just not able to make it for whatever reason.

Those of us who have already joined the planning committee are doing our level best to make this event the most memorable, inclusive and affordable reunion yet; to date we have had two: the ten year and the twenty year. I was surprised to find that a couple of people were not aware of one or the other. I am personally committing to getting the word out to every living classmate that attended Meridian High School as a member of our class (1980), graduate or not, whether they attended all three years or a day.

It's a challenge, to be sure; but many of you have offered to help and I am accepting your offer! We still need folks to join our planning committee in person, via e-mail or by phone. Additionally, we have a number of tools in place to support our reconnecting process:

1. If you are on facebook, please connect with me personally (eugeboy[at]gmail[dot]com) and I will invite you to our facebook page where you can read and contribute to the discussion regarding the reunion. If you are not currently on facebook, please consider starting a free account as it is probably the easiest way to communicate.

2. We have a blog website that you can subscribe to at (you may be reading this here already). Please subscribe to this page so that updates are automatically emailed to you. You can submit your thoughts by starting a new topic or click comment under any article to comment on the article topic.

3. I have started a Plaxo Group in order to allow anyone to update their own contact information. Plaxo is a free and useful tool that updates everyone when you change e-mail addresses, phone numbers or snail mail address. It is also useful to anyone wanting to backup their own contacts online regardless of what email client you use (ie: Outlook, Yahoo, Hotmail, Gmail, etc.) Once you start your free Plaxo account at Meridian High School Class of 80, you will be sure to be included in our database.

4. Finally, please consider starting a free (or paid) account at, or any of a number of alumni related sites. Many of us may not be members but you can assist us by looking for others that are registered there and making them aware of the 2010 Reunion and this website.

Our next planning committee meeting is July 13th at my office here in Boise (1121 N. Cole Rd / 83704)
Please join us any way you can. If you need to speak to me personally (Eugene Boyle) you can call me at 208-779-0080. I would love to hear from you.

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