Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Reunion Committe Meeting Minutes from 8-3-2009


•We still need more volunteers! Leads? Many people have said they would volunteer, but haven’t attended the meetings
•Suggestion for Cheryl to post to blog in response to many who have expressed their anxiety over seeing many of the people, who they may not have hung around with in school
•Pay Pal account status: Dana - Account has been set up
•Cheryl investigating classmates that have passed away – 4 individuals, suggest including Mr. Turnbull (Principal), include in yearbook that will be available for purchase after the reunion; if we do this, we may consider putting up a mini-memorial table at the Saturday night event?
•Cheryl to check into souvenirs – pending – Tshirts men’s $ each, women’s v-neck $3.50 each cost goes up with extra colors; embroidered hats $4.65; have available for order on-line so know how much to order, have some available at the reunion as well – charge $10-$15 to add to reunion funds, also may draw sales to people unable to attend.
•Yearbooks – include photos of reunion; Cheryl to check cost of printing non and hard copy, for non-hard copy approximate $.50 to $.60 per book, glossy in color. If hardback, Eugene will copy DVD – offer for sale which may also draw from those unable to attend.
•Calendar of MHS Class of 80 ‘girls’ decided against, instead offer up 12 months of Brad!

Friday (Casual gathering): Leads – Jennifer and Eddie

•Waterfront suggested by Eugene, free, decision? Eugene has spoken with the owner who at this point is providing the venue free, but there are no guarantees, concerns if the business will be ongoing a year from now. Has 3,000 square feet, allows band till 10pm, Montego Bay could set up bar.
•Jenny suggested the Creekside in Kuna, who offered to closed down the bar, production center available for videos/slide shows, full bar, food, $20 taxi available, also limo shuttle holds approximately 15 people, other shuttle services available (potential drops Meridian, Boise, Eagle, etc.)
•Event specifications – Potential charge of $10 per person, no host bar, provide food such as taco bar similar to 20 year; Jenny will provide pictures, Eugene to check it out in person, plan on making a decision by the next meeting

Saturday day (Multiple options): Lead – Todd
Decision to keep all options available for selection in order to reach a wider audience

•Golf – Boise Ranch or Warm Springs – approx. $35
•Rafting – ¾ of a day excursion, $70 to $100. 3-hour $35 to $40 – combine with train tour?
•Day Spa – Janice & Tricia to talk to Panache owner for a deal. (Discount + referral) – Eugene spoke with, would offer 25% discount off packages
•Trap Shooting – Boise Gun Club - $20 to $30 per person – not typically open on Saturday but would for our event
◦Tour-train - Tricia

Saturday night (Stueckle Sky Center / SSC): Leads – Diane and Janice

•10% discount received with Steve’s patronage ($2,050-205 disc.+111+74 taxes = $2,030)
•50% paid by Diane, contract sent to BSU last week
•Liquor permit owned by BSU, special permission bestowed by President Kustra – discuss no-host bar but prepay limited beer and wine that once gone becomes no-host; Diane will check specifications, pricing, etc.
•Will need liability insurance – can be added to homeowner’s or individual
•Pilot Error – was anyone able to attend? Decision to go with Pilot Error, who won “Best of Boise” and seem to have a good following. Eugene to check price – expecting approximately $600.
•Eugene to check out a photographer and CD/DVD – pending – BSU has audio/visual equipment available for a fee; Eugene has the needed equipment which must be approved by SSC
•Eugene will take photos of the views and post to websites; we can also provide a link
•Discussed charging $40 per person to cover costs and make a profit to go into funds for 40 year; suggestion to offer advance payment of $75 per couple if paid by April 15 (memorable date and allows people to make a decision to attend – should we offer $37.50 for singles who pay in advance?)

Sunday (Settlers Park in Meridian): Leads – Tricia and Julie

•Updates from Tricia and Julie
•BYO option proposed by Brad to minimize costs – team decided providing food would be the best option, check with Cindy Black’s husband L&R Meats as to cost if kept simple such as burgers and dogs

Next steps:

Next meeting: Monday, 8/24

6:00 p.m. 1121 N Cole Rd.

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