Monday, July 26, 2010

It's Done but Not Over....

 26 July 2010 - After a year of planning, organizing and reaching out to reconnect with over 673 MHS 80 classmates, our thirty year class reunion weekend has drawn to a close. But the old friendships revisited and new bounds that have been formed are too valuable to once again let slip into obscurity. We encourage each and everyone of you to join us and stay connected as we proceed forth as a group with a common connection reaching back over 30 years plus. Please sign up for our newsletter using the form below to stay informed about news, upcoming events and activities concerning you and our class. For example, we are currently looking into a very affordable family and friends cruise package that may be available to us as early as July 2011!

Additionally we would are looking into scheduling affordable or free informal get-togethers on an  more regular basis: family picnics, river raft trips, bar-b-ques, boating, golfing, camping and a host of other activities that will help us maintain the bond that was strengthened by this reunion.

Our next goal as a group is to decide how often to hold formal reunions - every 10 years? Five? Two? We want your input to help decide.

Once you have subscribed to our class newsletter, you may update your contact information at any time. So come on Warriors! Come out and play!

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