Thursday, February 19, 2015

35 YEAR REUNION - JULY 25, 2015!

Has it already been 5 years since our epic 30 year reunion? 

Indeed, it seems the years are rolling by faster and faster.

"AARP Recruiting Poster"
Last night the MHS Class of 80 Reunion Committee met at Pinnacle Sports Grill in Meridian to discuss the upcoming 35 Year Reunion. Present were yours truly (Eugene Boyle) and my date (and wife - Dori), Brad Campbell, Janice McGehee, Dana Cowan, Roger Smith and the lovely Bridget, and Todd Kirk.

Items that were discussed:

1. Creating a 'low  key'' affordable one day 35 year reunion event.  Currently set as July 25, 2015

2. Inviting all classmates to participate in the planning and preparations for the event.

3. Assigning /  Volunteering for various roles:

  • Eugene  Boyle: Social Networking / Media
  • Dana Cowan: Treasurer
  • Todd  Kirk: Communications / Event Co-ordinator
  • Roger Smith: Event Co-ordinator
  • Janice  McGehee: Dinner
4. We discussed possible venues and caterers (nothing was decided) and possible activities such as golf, trap shooting, river rafting, river tubing (The Boise).

5. Opening up our Reunion to all MHS classes and classmates (regardless of how long they attended or if they actually graduated with us)

We are hoping for a great turnout and participation for both the Reunion and for the get-togethers / meeting leading up to July 25th. We always have fun and look forward to old friends popping in to join us.

Please help us get the word out: Suggest this website ( and our class Facebook page:

***NOTE: Todd was kind enough to snap the pic above with my phone. Here's the same group with him in pic and me behind the lens:

"Everybody lean back so our guts look flatter!"


  1. Please leave some sort of comment so we can determine the effectiveness of making blog posts for our events :) Thanks-eb

  2. Nice job -Thank you Eugene!


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